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Patrick is a Registered Social Worker and therapist with Masters and Bachelors of Social Work degrees. Patrick spent years providing mental health outreach before transitioning to 1 on 1 therapy and group facilitation. He believes it is important to provide a non-judgmental space for people to share, learn and grow. He works collaboratively with individuals to navigate challenges and teaches practical strategies for daily life.


Beth is a Registered Nurse, experienced facilitator, and educator. She worked for over 10 years in community health nursing specializing in mental health, harm reduction, and sexual health. Now, Beth's main focus is on teaching and group facilitation. Beth has a passion for people to be truly seen despite their challenging circumstances, and for them to be supported to make empowered choices that lead to health and wellbeing. 


Having worked in the field of social services and community health for over 15 years, both Patrick and Beth understand many of the challenges facing both individuals and caregivers, and know first hand how valuable it is to have the right resources at the right time. 


For this reason, Trellis was founded in 2023. Trellis exists to provide hope-fuelled strategies and support for people to thrive. Whether it’s for yourself as an individual, your work, or your community as a whole, we have made it our mission to provide the practical tools, strategies, information, and education opportunities that you need to continue to grow in health. 


Trellis also offers services from a Christian perspective for those looking for a faith-based option. Beth and Patrick have been part of the Christian community as lay-pastors and leaders for the past 20 years. Understanding that faith can offer an additional resource for resilience and wellbeing we seek to equip the church to care for and support the mental health and wellness of all people.



We seek to listen with empathy, acceptance, and curiosity. We accept the shared responsibility to act with kindness and move forward with care. 


We believe that hope is transformative and essential for wellbeing. We radically accept the realities of life and actively choose to incorporate our hope perspective into our work, and with each client. 


We strive to demonstrate and support courage by consistently embracing vulnerability and leaning into discomfort. We believe this creates opportunities for meaningful conversations, growth, and ultimately, a meaningful life. 


We are committed to being honest and transparent in all we say and do. We believe that this demonstrates integrity and is a foundation for trust.

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